Mobility, Innovation, Universality

Our Technology

The core of our unique technology is the unlimited mobility and universality of the device platform, combined with an innovative camera system. Four pillars constitute the foundation of our concept:

Test Configuration
By means of the special test configuration with the help of the Configuration Software specifically developed for it, important test parameters can be adjusted in advance to any tests. Among these are not only general specifications such as the name of the test, the tested markers or result units, but also the size of the test cartridge, the amount and position of test lines, as well as important lot-specific data that can be set up in the configuration process. This variable principle of test configuration makes the configuration and analysis of a diverse array of different test formats possible.
Mobile Measurement Device

The measurement device unites all important functions in order to work on-site independent of an external computer. Measuring processes, the display of results, saving and printing results are possible, as well as data entry and management. The innovative core of the device is the camera with its two-dimensional CCD image sensor, which does not only scan the test strip line-by-line as in the usual systems, but rather records a complete image of the test strip. The picture quality is therefore of a much higher quality, which is not only an advantage in quantitative analysis, but also makes an optimal evaluation of the test results possible. Inhomogeneities of the test strip are recognized and eliminated in time by the unique evaluation algorithm.

Secure Measurement
A sensor in the device monitors for proper execution when inserting the test cartridge. Automatic self-diagnosis and alignment functions secure homogenous conditions for the implementation of the test. The identification of the inserted test and batch-specific test data is carried out by means of an integrated bar code scanning function.
Data Management

The fourth pillar is the further processing and external management of the data obtained. The Data Viewer Software serves this purpose. With the software, all the data and test results can be transferred to an external computer and further processed. Individual reports or complete data sets can be exported to the usual PDF or Excel formats and printed. The export of camera images for the purposes of test evaluation is also possible. Furthermore, the system has the possibility of being connected to hospital information systems (HIS) over the common HL7 protocol. After connecting the device to an HIS, it is automatically synchronized with the server every 5 minutes, so that new data and results are immediately available in the entire system and can be further processed.

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