Product Overview opTrilyzer®Med

Lateral Flow Reader

With the universal mobile reader system opTrilyzer®Med, opTricon offers different options for application in medical deployment:

Universal Configurability
As a universal device platform, the opTrilyzer can be adapted to all common LFA test formats based upon color change. Close cooperation with test manufacturers is desirable in order to allow for an optimal and individual configuration of the device for the corresponding test.
Exact Determination of Results
The core of the device is a high-resolution 2-dimensional CCD sensor in the camera, as well as an internal microcontroller for direct image analysis. The unique analysis software internal to the device calculates the exact value of the concentration on the basis of a 3-dimensional volume model of the recorded image. Inhomogeneities of the test strip are recognized and compensated for.
User-Friendly Test Implementation
Algorithms specially integrated in the software prevent faulty measurements or the display of incorrect results. The measurement, which is completely independent of external calculation technology, can be conducted quickly by means of the intuitive, multi-lingual user interface. Results are clearly shown on a 4.3 inch color display.
Unlimited Mobility
The device itself can be used without a PC and unites all necessary functions for conducting the test. The entry and saving of patient data, test implementation, and the management of results is possible within the device, as is the transfer of this data by means of a USB connection to an external PC or printer. An internal power supply by means of a battery allows for the device to run up to 8 hours.


Reader System for Lateral Flow Assays (LFA)

The opTrilyzer by the company opTricon is a universal mobile analysis device for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of lateral flow assays, immunological rapid tests for point-of-care diagnostics. The tests can originate in multiple fields of application, such as cancer and heart disease diagnostics or drug screening.

opTrilyzer®Med Plus

LFA-Reader for multiple test cartridges

You have a test that contains multiple test strips?
The opTrilyzer®Med is also available as the opTrilyzer®Med Plus for multiple test cartridges with more than one test. With the help of a specially developed cartridge case, the multiple test cartridge is optically sampled, so that the individual strips can be analyzed and evaluated one by one.

opTrilyzer®Med Fluo

Reader for fluorescence-based Rapid Tests

Your test is based upon a special marking with fluorescent dyes, which requires specific optical conditions for the analysis?
With the opTrilyzer®Med Fluo fluorescence-based test strips can also be analyzed and quantitatively evaluated. Special camera components supply the necessary conditions for measurement. Close cooperation with the test manufacturer is important in order to allow for the individual adaptation of the device to the demands of the test.

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