Product Specifications


Cost-effective! Clear Results!

Adaptable to Standard Lateral Flow Assays

The Cube is suitable for use in the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of measurement results obtained with any standard lateral flow test format based on color change. It can also be used to analyze test strips without housing.

The cube-shaped device has an edge length of approx. 41 mm, making it probably the world’s smallest reader that will even fit into your pocket. It weighs only 40 g. The Cube is inexpensive and very user-friendly since it has only one operating button. The clear test result is displayed after only 3 seconds.

Especially when qualitative tests displaying faint test lines are analyzed with the naked eye, the results are often a source of uncertainty. The Cube, serving as a virtual ”electronic eye,” can help to obtain exact readings for this type of analysis. For purposes of electronic documentation, the test results can be copied to a PC or a laptop for further processing using a Cube-specific data cable.

Thanks to its design, the Cube as an OEM-product is also eminently suitable for personal health monitoring at home.


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